Who is Pomaa?


My name is Afia Pomaa Agyinsam, popularly called Pomaa mostly because of my business. I was born on 5th January 1996 to Mr& Mrs Agyinsam.

I’m a Medical Doctor, businesswoman, Self made fashion designer& Event planner, Youtuber, Leisure Baker, Author, minister of the gospel of God and a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

How It All Started

As a young woman I have always been creative. I would pick up ideas from every situation and colors are the first things I notice in a room. My curiosity and genuine interest in knowing how things work led me to pursue the sciences in high school. As interesting as it may seem I like being extremely studious yet extremely creative. 

I recall writing a song in my childhood about how colorful the world is and I would go around from flower to flower speaking life into them. The first time I attempted writing a book was in grade 6 where I wrote about High school life. It was entitled “Periwinkle High” one because the name of my class was Periwinkles and secondly because I was eager to know how life in junior High school would be, so I went there with my imagination first.

The Business Ideas

Business has always been a part of me even though I didn’t fully realize it until I was 16 years old and I started making investments in my schools business club. I started with selling shirts in high school, graduated to actually making clothes in my early years in university.

I started a hair line, moved to making beads and jewelry then finally settled on the clothes and birthed POMAA’S WARDROBE finally. I thought that was my best till I realized I kept making good use of every situation and turning it into a business opportunity. I made lip balms and sanitizers during the winter season and the COVID 19 season under the brand SHEA HYDRATE.

To top it off my love for Beauty and the importance it plays in every role of our lives and how it represents us gave way for my make up line PŌMBEÄU (well let’s just say short for POMaa BEAUty) The first product from this line is the WINK’D by Pomaa lashes and mascara.


In all these aspects of my life I continually give praise and thanks to God because he is the one who placed all of this inside me. Every thing I do is for His glory. “I’m a living testimony of Gods glory.” My ever ready willingness to serve in the house of the Lord has led me to constantly hear from him and minister to those around me through my ministry “BEAUTY, POWER ,PURPOSE

I use this platform to represent God in various forms through word ministrations, songs and encouragement. I am an extension of Gods of Gods Kingdom here on earth. I am an ambassador here on earth and I am loaded with grace to serve you.


April 16 2020


Nominated in 2 categories for the PRIDE OF AFRICA AWARDS( ASIA PACIFIC). Nominated as; African Woman of the Year and Award of Creativity and Enterprise

February 16 2020

Black Expo in Shenzhen

Featured in the recent Black Expo in Shenzhen

December 22 2019

Butterfly Charity Events

Featured in Butterfly Charity events in Changsha, a charity made to cater for the hospital bills of children.

December 7 2019


The first product from PŌMBEÄU (WINK’D by Pomaa lashes and mascara) was launched.

December 1 2019

Listed on Andinet Directory

All 3 companies are listed on Andinet Directory, China’s first directory for everything black.

October 27 2019


Shea Hydrate was launched

January 1 2015


Former Secretary of the National Union of Ghanaian Students (NUGS) Changsha Chapter

October 16 2014


The birth of Pomaa’s Wardrobe

I am committed to innovation and excellence as well as building strong communities.

Core Values

*Authenticity *Creativity *Influence

Focus Keywords

*Impeccable *Excellence *Patience

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"Use everything you have inside you to create everything around you.”
Afia Pomaa