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PŌMBEÄU is a beauty brand that is determined to help you explore your beauty in a unique yet wholesome way because you deserve it.

The beauty industry is filled with an illusion portraying certain skin types and body types as beautiful and mostly the black skin color is ignored. My brand seeks to bring out the beauty in being black and colored. Our products serve the purpose of revealing the beauty that you have within. Increasing your exposure and confidence in every aspect of your life.

They are carefully formulated to cater for your health needs as well as your beauty needs. You don’t have to put on your foundation being concerned about the pimples you are going to get after or the huge difference you will have once you take your make up off.

The first line under PŌMBEÄU is the Wink’d by Pomaa Mink Lashes and Mascara. These Mink lashes are made from genuine mink and are 100% cruelty free.

They are reusable up to 25 times and you are recommended to wash them to improve luster. We have the WBP Lash Pod which is a pair of lashes in a mirror pod very portable and efficient.

Our 3 in one set nicknamed The 3 musketeers comes with 3 different lash styles a pair of tweezers and lash glue. The regular lash set consists of a pair of lashes, tweezers and glue. All are reusable, cruelty free and unique.

The amazing thing about these lash styles are that they match your personality type.

We Have

Drama Queen, Tinker Bell, Boss Lady , and Church Girl 101

Identify your personality and we have the perfect lash to match it

Fiber Lash Mascara

Our Fiber Lash Mascara also a part of the WBP line comes in a case with a bottle of fiber and a bottle of mascara. These two combined give you the same elegant look as the mink lashes. We understand that not everyone knows how to or is comfortable wearing lashes, but with the mascara you’ll have no worries and still look elegant. It’s amazingly water proof so you won’t have to worry about being caught after your cry or your macro running when you go for a swim.